My perception….

My fascination with photography stems from the ability of a camera to harness one of the most powerful forces in the universe in an artistic way. The presence of light can bring life or death to planets and the species that inhabit them. To understand photography is to understand the nuances of light and how our eyes receive it. Growing up, hearing terms like "the speed of light" always evoked Sci-Fi fantasy images of space ships traveling at warp speed. But nothing puts the speed of light into a perspective like seeing the difference in shutter speed between to images.

Elijah Hanif is a photographic artist from Riviera Beach, Florida. As the son of a world renowned journalist and a world renowned fiber artist, attention to detail and innovation were constant driving forces of his early development. These themes manifest themselves within his images as he seeks to capture the world from unique vantage points. As a self educated photographer, Elijah enjoys establishing new methods of operation for photography. His work has been published in print editions of the South Florida Times as well as numerous internet media publications. His preferred targets of photography are nature, graffiti, and people.